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The experiment that started Smudgie's Dessert Lab. We start by cutting a warm, locally-made donut in half, then we fill it with hand-scooped ice cream and toppings. After all, donuts and cereal without ice cream isn't dessert, it's just breakfast.


Our spin on the concrete. We blend up frozen custard and various toppings with a scoop of flavored ice cream. The end result is the perfect middleground between a concrete and a milkshake; a rich, super-thick milkshake with the creaminess of a concrete.


It's a milkshake! But, with an 'S' in front for alliteration's sake. We combine rich, flavorful ice cream with various toppings and sauces, then blend it all together until it's just thin enough to slurp through a straw.


Have you ever eaten something and thought, 'I wish that was ice cream.' Us too. That's why we invented the Softie. We blend ice cream with various sauces and toppings until it has the smooth consistency of soft ice cream, essentially infusing the ice cream with flavor.

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